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Collect/use/disclose personal information

Story Job Applicant Privacy Policy

Company K.V.N. Import Export (1991) Co., Ltd., Lion Three-Star Co., Ltd., Ultimate Beverage Products Co., Ltd., Be Rich Coffee Co., Ltd., Siam Watercraft and Power Sport Co., Ltd. (collectively referred to as the “Company”) can consider your application information. Please study this privacy policy carefully before you as a job applicant. (“Applicant”) will provide the Company with application information. according to security standards in accordance with relevant laws

Personal data processed

during the recruitment process of the company The Company may obtain Applicant Personal Data from (i) Applicant directly from information in job applications, resumes, conversations or interviews; Apply for a job may give consent to such person. (3) other persons specified by the job applicant that the Company can contact for further information; and (4) relevant external data service providers. including but not limited to hospitals that perform health checks, police departments, etc.

During the process of filling out an application and job interview, the Company needs to collect, use, and personal information about job applicants, including:

  1. 1. Resume documents that the applicant may submit to the company
  2. 2.Name, surname, ID card number contact information educational qualification information work history job applicant’s interests or skills information and other information that the applicant is required to fill out, including as specified in the job application form.
  3. 3.Other identification documents of the applicant and other information that the job applicant may submit to the Company in other supporting documents. and in some cases, job titles may include To information about health history (eg, comorbidities) and disability (if applicable and if consent is obtained from the job applicant).

After passing through the selection process with an interview from the company The company has a need to collect more sensitive personal information. Additional information of the applicant, including criminal background information. and health check information The company will ask for consent from job applicants under the relevant legal framework. But the company needs to inform the job applicant that All personal data is considered It is necessary for companies to consider the qualifications and suitability of job applicants.

Purpose of processing personal data

It is necessary for the Company to collect, collect and use all personal information of job applicants. For the following purposes: (1) identity verification Including the accuracy of personal information and other information provided by job applicants to the company. (2) Assessing the suitability of job applicants for the job positions applied for. (3) Coordinating with job applicants during the recruitment process. Apply for a job, including (4) contacting additional job candidates in the future. In the event that there are other positions that may be suitable, unless the job applicant expresses his intention to exercise the right to delete or destroy personal data immediately. The Company reserves the right to retain all personal information of the Job Applicant for an additional period of 1 calendar year even if the Applicant is not selected as an employee of the Company.

Disclosure or transfer of Candidate Personal Information

In principle, the personal information of job applicants will not be disclosed. Unless it is necessary for the Company to disclose and/or pass on the Personal Data of the Job Applicant to outsiders as follows: For the complete implementation of the recruitment process: (1) service providers involved in the Company’s recruitment process; (2) other affiliates who may have job positions suitable for job applicants; (3) references at the Company. It is necessary to send the applicant’s information for employment background verification, and (4) other third parties to whom the applicant has given consent to the Company to disclose personal information to such persons.

Rights of data subjects

The Company respects the rights of applicants as data subjects under relevant laws. In which job applicants can contact the company to exercise their rights as follows: Right to withdraw consent Right to request access and obtain a copy of personal data Right to request rectification of personal data right to request personal information In the event that the Company makes such personal information in a format that can be read or used by general with tools or devices that work automatically Including the right to request to send or transfer such data to the controller. other personal data Right to object to the processing of personal data Right to delete or destroy or make personal information non-personally identifiable when it is no longer necessary. The right to request that the use of personal information be suspended or the right to file a complaint in the event of a personal data breach by contacting the company at Legal department call 02-1598999 ext. 632