We are Aroma


Aroma Group was originally founded by the Wongwaree family to produce and distribute Sing Sam Dow, a traditional brand of Thai coffee. The business at Mongkolsawas shop grew around the important working principles of being enthusiastic, hard working and loyal, which in essence created a company that customers trusted and believed in.

Eventually when roasted and ground coffee beans became more popular than traditional Thai Coffee, we grabbed the opportunity to adapt ourselves to the new coffee drinking trends rather than let the situation turn into a crisis. With great enthusiasm and readiness for change, we learnt about the culture of freshly roasted coffee and the requirements of customers to develop a popular taste of coffee that is nowadays so widespread.

The beginning of Aroma’s roasted and ground coffee was therefore based on a special formula that combined talent with experience, whilst always maintaining our working principles throughout the company’s history. This has made our business grow steadily and stronger over the last 70 years, along with enhancing our reputation for producing good quality coffee in Thailand.

From its humble beginnings as a traditional Thai coffee business, Aroma Group is now the leading integrated Thai coffee business. At the heart of our work is a philosophy that has been transferred from generation to generation. This revolves around our passion for the manufacturing process, from the careful selection of raw materials to the production of high quality roasted coffee. Aroma has continuously developed products and our business in the food and beverage industry to achieve the most important goal of the organization: To fulfill our growing customers’ needs every day! “

Mr. Kijja Wongvaree

Executive Director of Aroma Group

Message from CEO

From experiences, Aroma Group has developed coffee business with accumulate knowledge in both theory and practice, which I consider to be essential to the Aroma Group’s strength as a leader in the coffee business nowadays.

I think that many companies which generate the most profit may not actually end up being the most prosperous. The growth of a business must not exploit, but rather learn to ‘coexist’ together with the business and the people that are part of it. For companies that are competitive straight away, they are in a fight to try and increase their profits, but it is a fight that will eventually be lost and no one will end up being the winner. For this very reason, we are stronger partnering together and the profits will then follow.

The goal of our business is to make sure everyone involved can make their lives better. It is important that our partners continuously develop and grow, then we are successful together for a long period of time. We need to ensure that our partners grow together with us in the future.